3 Reasons to Sell with a Realtor Instead of Doing a Sale by Owner

There’s a reason why the number one real estate agency in Littleton, Colorado is so successful at selling and finding properties for their clients. They have the experience and the expertise necessary to make sure their clients get the best deal. If you’re considering selling your home by yourself to “save money,” stop a moment and consider the reasons why trusting an experienced realtor is a better idea.

It’s More Effective

A realtor in Littleton CO has access to every online and offline source your home needs to be listed in to reach the most potential buyers in the area. The resources available to those who sell on their own are limited and less likely to attract the attention of other real estate agents, who represent most of the clients in the market for a new home.

You Walk Away with More Money in Your Pocket

It doesn’t cost you a cent to retain a real estate agent or to advertise through his networks upfront. The only payment he receives is at closing, so he’ll be especially motivated to get your house sold quickly – and for more, as his commission is based on a percentage of the sale price. If you were selling on your own, you’d have to pay for everything, including ads for listing your home, closing costs, and attorney fees. Because a real estate agent is more likely to get you a higher price for your home, even after his commission, you’re still likely to walk away with more than you would have had you paid no real estate agent commission at all.

It Takes Less Time

Most people can’t afford to make selling their homes a full-time job – but that’s exactly what real estate agents can do. They’ll manage the advertisements and listings and arrange all of the showings while you continue to work and meet all of your usual responsibilities. You don’t even need to be available at home to arrange a showing. The more available your home is for viewings, the more likely it is to attract multiple buyers.

Meeting with a real estate agent is free, so schedule a consultation today. Discuss your goals for selling your home and finding a new place, and you’ll find all your questions answered. Since selling with an agent is more effective, less expensive and less time-consuming, relying on a real estate company simply makes sense.